Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secret Journalist

Larry Harriet Secret Journalist One day I was in a bowling alley and I was approached by 2 men from a very credible television journalistic agency. These 2 men told me that they had an offer for me that I could not refuse. They told me they represent a secret underground society and they wanted me to be part of it because I posess certain rare traits. If I became a member of this society, I would have access to the world's most rich and powerful celebrities and politicians. I would be eating the finest foods everynight, I would be living across the world in the most beautiful and pristine mansions. I would have enjoy optimum health for the rest of my life and I would also have millions and millions of dollars to freely spend. All of my needs would be taken care of. It was simply an offer I couldn't refuse. These 2 men asked me get into their van and they would take me to the society headquarters. I went with them. This is a part of my mission. While you may not understand why I am putting this information out here, I hope you do come to understand that it is a part of my mission. When I first started working for this society I absolutely loved it because I was doing what I've always dreamed to do - being a journalist. I was reporting on some of the biggest stories of our time. I worked on the OJ Simpson case. I worked on the JonBenet Ramsey case. The resources of this secret society gave me great resources and access to sources that no other journalist could have access to. Being a member of this society, gave me instant access to the world's most rich and powerful people - politicans, world leaders, and celebrities alike. I began to work my sources round the clock. What I uncovered was amazing. Let me tell you that big brother is always watching you. What you are doing right now is being extensively reviewed, monitored, evaluated, and archived. Your conversations on the phone are recorded and listened to. Your e-mails, what you watch on TV, what books you read, food you eat, your hobbies, and your likes and dislikes are all being monitored. Because of this information, It took me no time at all to identify the killers of the cases I was covering. I know who the killers of JonBenet Ramsey are, I was able to speak to them, I know why they did it and how they did it. I know that OJ Simpson was not the only person involved in his wife's and his wife's friends death. OJ had an assistant. I know who that assistant is. I've spoken to that assisant. I know that Robert Blake didn't pull the trigger. While he did have involvement in his wife's death, he did not pull the trigger. I know who did. I know that Scott Peterson did kill Laci Peterson. I know how he killed her, when, and where. I also know why he killed her. While I was working these stories, I was absolutely stunned at the video tapes I recieved, the audio tapes I listened to, the notebook notes I read. I came to the conclusion that there is not any crime that can't be solved because most of it is on tape. Its just amazing how the government has eyes all accross this country. They are watching you right now. I still work within this secret society today. I will remain with them until the rest of my life. Once your in you can't get out. I'm not mad that I can't get out because I love being a member of this secret society. I feel like I'm the most powerful person in the world. Right now, I am living in a 3 story mansion in Hollywood with an elevator, waterfall, and basement. Its absolutely beautiful. I'm eating the finest food, riding in planes with powerful politicians and world rulers, and living the most luxiorious life that could possibly be. And in my next edition, I will tell you how your tax dollars are paying for my luxiorious life. Thats right, your tax dollars are paying for my life. And that will be explained in my next edition.

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