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Exclusive Interview with Jackson Juror, Paul Rodriguez - Part One

Exclusive Interview with Jackson Juror, Paul Rodriguez - Part One
Larry Harriet, Investigative Journalist
October 8th, 2005

My confidential sources, were able to obtain Jackson jury foreman, Paul Rodriguez's e-mail address, he was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

1. Did it all come down to "reasonable doubt" for you, take us through the counts.
Yes, it really did we started out on Count #1, which we felt the defense proved not guilty, because of the mother leaving the ranch and not asking for help. So, we felt that Mr. Jackson was INNOCENT of that charge. On the molestation, we couldn't convict based on testimony of past acts. We couldn't convict on the boy's testimony because of reasonable doubt. We did not feel that Jackson gave them alcohol at all, let alone with the intent of molestation, and if he did it wasn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

2. Now, we know that Katarina Carls, Ellie Cook, and Ray Hultman thought he was guilty, what happend in the jury room with them?
Well the 3 of them, kept making statements on the way there heart felt, what they thought, their huntch. And I told them we could not convict based on what they believe because of reasonable doubt.

3. What was your impression of Thomas Stendon?
He was a redneck.

4. What was your impression of Mr. Jackson?
He didn't do anything but sit there, so I don't know how to base that.

I can't answer Q's 5-25, right now, I have to go. I may get back to them.Paul
If Paul Rodriguez answers the rest of my questions, I'll post them here.

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