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Raymond Hultman

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The Larry Harriet News Center's exclusive interview with Jackson juror, Raymond Hultman.
Ray Hultman
Larry Harriet
Larry Harriet
Request for interview
Mon 10/10/05 09:25 PM
Dear Mr. Hultman,
Hello, I am larryHARRIET, I am an investigative reporter. I run a news website about current court cases and legal issues. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to answer some questions for my website. I would really appreciate it.Thanks,
1. Mr. Hultman, first of all, thankyou for doing this interview for us, I really appreciate it. Okay, I want to ask you specifically about the jury, what happened in the jury room, were you suprised at their jump to vote not guilty? Explain.
yes i was suprised to see that the jury wanted to vote not guilty it was about 3 of us out of the 12 that wanted to vote guilty and i was shocked to see that the rest of the jury was ready to vote not guilty after hearing all of this testimony by people that sounded credible to me
2. I did an exclusive interview, with your foreperson, Paul Rodriguez, and I asked him about you, he said that you kept making statements about how your heart felt. He felt that you could not convict just based on how your heart felt. How was he in the jury room, what was your reaction to him, was he the leader of the pact to make the you vote not guilty.
paul would keep saying to ellie that if she could not change her mind about her guilty verdict he would have her thrown off the jury my reaction to him while we were in trial was he seemed to be a very nice man as they all did but when we all got into the jury room i was amazed to see he was so rude
3. When I interviewed Paul, he was really disappointed that you and Ellie would "twist what he said," he felt that you were twisting his statements to sell books, your reaction?
well he did make rude comments that is the truth and me writing my book is not about money its about the truth
4. What is happening with the book, I've heard that you were filing a lawsuit about it?
i don't have an answer for you with that i can't comment
5. What is your definition of reasonable doubt?
proven beyond a reasonable doubt with a empasis on reasonable
6. In reviewing my tapes from the Jackson trial, I saw the interviews you gave to Diane Dimond, Court TV, Nancy Grace, CNN, Fox, etc. and you pretend that nothing went wrong in that jury room, now we know because of your statements that there was massive things going down in that jury room that were wrong, why did you pretend that everything was all right, that you saw smoke but couldn't find fire?
we all agreed we did not want the public to think anything went wrong it was just so we all agreed
7. What was your reaction to the mother in the case?
rude, very rude, but i had to know that the mother was not on trial, it was michael jackson
8. How finally were you convinced to change your vote to not guilty?
it was just like fine get over it i'll go with the group i was not about to have a hung jury because i spent 5 months of my life and no way was that all for nothing
9. If you had to do it all over agian, would you, If you were able to go back in time and not sign the papers, not vote not guilty but guilty would you?
yes in a second
10. If the victim is reading this right now what would you want to say to him?
i'm sorry very sorry

11. Do you hope the mother and the victim file a civil suit?
yes i do very much so at least jackson won't get off scott free
12. Do the other 9 jurors being so ready to vote not guilty tell you anything about the American Justice System, about the power of celebrity?
yes it does because with the testimony presented to us i believe that if it wasn't michael jackson and it was joe smo he would of been found guilty automatically
13. Was there anything in the defense case that you believed?
yes actually i did believe there was a little bit of doubt about this family but a little bit of doubt not reasonable doubt
14. Court watchers and legal eagles often think about jurys and celebrity trials, "I bet you would of voted not guilty even if there was a video of the crime," what would you say about that statement in correlation with this jury?
i believe that even if there was a video some of the things a few of the jurors came up with was just crazy they would probably say it was an actor in the video or something crazy
15. What happened with the juror who snuck in the court tv video of Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond analyzing the Jackson case? Did you want to see it?
in a way i did because with the jury being so just stubron i wanted them to see something from the media but the tv was broken so we did not see it.
16. Did it take a toll overall on you, this whole ordeal?
yes it did such a toll because its all you think about
17. Would you ever want to be on a jury when its a high profile case ever agian?
18. Did you believe the states witness the youth minister?
yes i did believe him from what i remember we never reviewed his testimony in the jury room but from what i remember he was telling the truth
19. What would you say to Michael Jackson?
get it together your a grown man and you need to stop doing these things the jury found you not guilty but that does not mean you are innocent and we know that something is not right at neverland stop hanging around with little boys.
20. What are you going to do if say a year from now you see a picture of Michael Jackson in the mall shopping with another nine year old little boy with toys and movies for the boy?
well i hope it does not happen
21. What would you say to Thomas Stendon?
i would say sorry because you did put up a good case and i believe jackson is guilty of these charges
22. Do you think there is a lesson to be learned here about jury selection?
yes i do its so important for the state to choose the jury very well to make sure they can be fair and unbiased that celebrity will not overpower their decisions
23. Why do you think michael jackson chooses to be with little boys?
i don't know
24. Do you think that out of this whole ordeal with the jury's not guilty verdict, with you coming back out saying you think jackson is a child molestor, is there a lesson to be learned?
yes i do i hope that jurys will go with their heart and stick to their verdict and not cave in
25. Any closing thoughts?
Thankyou for answering my questions, I appreciate it.

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